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Q. What kind of martial arts did you practice?

I have experienced various types of martial arts, including boxing, Kung–Fu, Wushu, Judo, as well as track and field. The most important fact other than my experience in all types of martial arts is that I have met with the experts from each martial art, interacted and grasped the core of each martial art through analyzing the advantages and disadvantages. In order to test the movements, I have sparred with many people and have had combat experiences. These experiences and the research I have conducted led to what I am today.


Q. At the beginning of your sporting journey, who were you inspired by?

There are several people who have inspired me. Some are martial artists, some are dancers, and some are painters. People from all fields gave me inspiration. If I had to pick one, I would pick General Yu Dayou(俞大猷) from China’s Ming Dynasty. He was a martial artist, a soldier, a strategist, a poet, an inventor, a mechanical engineer, and a mathematician. He has given me a lot of inspiration. People who have been enlightened in one principle can reach high levels of achievement from other areas as well. Yu Dayou is a great example of this.

Are you familiar with the Shaolin Temple? There is an important representation of China’s Shaolin Temple. It is the 18 Shaolin Disciples (十八羅漢陳). 

This is where the Shaolin monk uses a long stick to attack and defend, moving as if the stick were part of the body.
Therefore, the quote “To know the Shaolin, you must know the 18 Shaolin Disciples” exists. Yu Dayou taught the very martial art to the Shaolin Temple. He discovered one principle and through it, was able to see more principles in so many places. This is the reason why he was able to execute his competency in various fields.

My movement is equivalent to this. I seek to find the principles of all movements and attempt to make them mine. This is the reason why I am not limited to one movement. Rather, I strive to express everything freely. This is the inspiration I learned from Yu Dayou.

I will not stop to continuously enhance my movements. All living things die when they are not moving, which is why there is are diverse movements in my YouTube videos. I enjoy it very much.


Q. Are you still inspired by any particular martial artist?

I am constantly inspired by many people. As I have explained earlier, the inspirations are not limited to martial artists, but they are from all types of people. The inspirations do not stop there but extend to animals and even static sands as well. All things in the world hold truth inside them. A person who can see the truth can see it in all matters and be inspired by it. Archimedes realized the volume of the crown when he saw the water overflow in the tub, and Newton realized the existence of gravity from the fall of an apple. Similarly, the world is giving us inspiration from all places. Open your mind and you will be able to see the truth in all places of the world.


Q. Explain what you hope to do with the art form and how it is already starting to grow around the world.

I never compare nor single out any particular martial art as the best or the most powerful. I respect all movements and all martial arts. WCS is just the result of my own studies and research. It gathers my experiences and thoughts under this philosophy. If my martial arts and philosophy can help many to obtain freedom of movement and mind, even in some small way, I would be deeply satisfied. This is all I wish.


Q. Do you believe WCS is a more effective Martial Art Philosophy?

To reiterate, I don’t believe WCS to be superior to any other movement or philosophy. All movements and philosophies are valuable within themselves. WCS is just one tool that helps people to achieve freedom of movement and mind. There is no absolute superiority. Nevertheless, a man who never gives up, believes in himself, and works diligently on himself, is truly one to admire.


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